Yih Kuan Ent Co., Ltd. est nominatos artifices, amet et exporters de Machina Milling, cum officinas in Taiwan. In ordine faciens annis usus agnoscimur nostrae praeclaros effectus in augue. Donec in primis inter nos adiuvavit Taiwan. Constanter upgrade nostri products obviam internationalis signa. Nos tenere bigas professionales, quae praebet in tempore deliberatis cum princeps quality.Our sinceritate et opere adiuvit nos aequare qualitas gentium signa.


Enterprise History

YIH KUAN ENT CO., LTD. ( IK milling heads ) has specialized in producing professional milling heads for machine tools over 40 years. YIH KUAN ENT CO., LTD. ( IK milling heads ) was established in 1977 with the named " Hung Yih Machinery Factory “ and its total floor area of the processing facilities was 300 square meters which located in Dali District, Taichung City, Taiwan. 1994, YIH KUAN ENT CO., LTD. ( IK milling heads ) renamed its company name from " Hung Yih Machinery Factory “ to YIH KUAN ENT CO., LTD. (IK milling heads ) and extended its processing facilities to 2000 square meters at Dali Industrial Park in Taichung City, Taiwan. 2005, YIH KUAN ENT CO., LTD. ( IK milling heads ) had achieved ISO 9001 Certificate.

Being the Asian No.1 milling head Expert, YIH KUAN ENT CO., LTD. manufactures high efficient milling heads for machine tools. YIH KUAN ENT CO., LTD. ( IK milling heads ) has earned the great reputation in Asia for over 30 years. YIH KUAN ENT CO., LTD. ( IK milling heads ) has owned 10 patents for milling heads.

In addition, since 1997, YIH KUAN ENT CO., LTD. ( IK milling heads ) has attended a plenty of social services at Dali Industrial Park for 20 years. YIH KUAN ENT CO., LTD. ( IK milling heads ) has received over 14 rewards from Dali Industrial Park Service Center and other social charities for appreciate their contribution.

Product Application

There are more and more global customers come to YIH KUAN ENT CO., LTD. ( IK milling heads ) looking for more cooperation such as OEM, ODM & OBM service directly. YIH KUAN ENT CO., LTD. ( IK milling heads ) is proud of its products already achieved CE Certificated in 2005.

YIH KUAN ENT CO., LTD. ( IK milling heads ) is the largest Taiwanese based manufacturing company in the field of Milling Heads for Machine tools. We are always glad to welcome new partnerships as teamwork is the base of successful companies.

The global customers order our milling machine heads for the machine tools of …
  • Aerospace Competence
  • Shipbuilding Competence
  • Automotive Competence
  • Military Competence
  • Architectural Hardware Competence
  • Plastic Metal Molding Competence
  • Electronic Hardware Competence…etc.

Processing Projects:
  • Angle-Milling Cylinder Heads (play all angles) such as 3-axix, 4-axix and 5-axis machining competence.
  • Multiple Cutting Tools
  • Plano Milling Cutters..etc..

Here are our YIH KUAN ENT CO., LTD. ( IK milling heads ) major products:

CNC Mill
  • CNC Gantry (Plano) Milling Head
  • CNC Vertical and Horizontal Machining Center
  • CNC Milling

CNC Mill / Traditional Bed Boring and Milling Mill
  • Turret Milling Head
  • Milling Head Attachment Angle Head
  • Replacement Milling Machine Heads
  • Milling Machine Heads for Bridgeport-Type
  • Angle-Milling Cylinder Heads (play all angles)…etc..

IK milling heads can be used for over 90% milling machines such as:
  • Gantry Mill
  • Mill Machine Center
  • Horizontal Boring Mill
  • Bed Mill
  • Box Mill
  • Turret Mill
  • Milling machine
  • Milling Angle heads application..etc..

Business Partner

Especially for our global dealers, we have developed a few programs of cooperation, which suit both the beginning companies and already famous distributors or dealers of machine tools.

If you are a beginner in the machine tools but you would like to develop in this line of work and if you have contacts with machine tools companies of automotive competence, aerospace competence, 5-axis machining competence, then we offer you to become an IK Agent.

If you have been engaged in the sales of machine tools for years but you do not have your own services, we propose an interesting collaboration.

If you have vast experience in the milling machines, your team sells equipment and understands commissioning and after-sales servicing well, we invite you to join our team. Welcome global partners to contact us. We offer high-quality products, reasonable prices, so that we and agents to carry out win-win situation.

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